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Web Design

A web designer's desk with a laptop, notebook, and book about HTML

Web design is the heart and soul of our work at NowSoft. We believe that websites are important, and that many businesses are missing a great opportunity to promote their brand with a website that truly works for them. Every site we build is custom. We don't do cookie-cutter template websites because we know that they don't work! We start every design project with a clear set of goals and objectives, and every decision we make is in service to those goals. Successful websites don't have to be huge or expensive, but they must meet the needs of their users. We offer the technical expertise and digital marketing knowledge to help you build a home for your brand online, whether it's a one-page site or a huge, complex project.

The thing that really sets a NowSoft site apart from its competition is our holistic approach to web design. We start with branding and get to know your customers and your organization before we start working on any designs. Once we start building, we're already planning ahead. We make sure that your site is built to accommodate any future marketing you invest in, whether that's making it SEO-ready or building calls to action for newsletter subscriptions. Solutions-focused design saves you time and money!

Web design case study: cheese me photo booth