Web Design Services

NowSoft Web Design & Web Development equals AWESOME websites!

Great Web Design has style and substance - Of course your website should look great, that’s a given. But a great looking website isn’t enough. Your website should reflect your irresistible brand that you have worked so hard to build! We use a detailed style guide as the basis for all of our web designs. Our style guides cover every single web design detail; from the fonts we use to the amount of whitespace that needs to be around your logo. You may call this level of attention to detail a little obsessive (and you might be right!) but at NowSoft we know how much detail matters in web development. Every design decision we make is important, because the design of your site should reflect your company’s unique values and mission. Visit our Branding  page to learn more about developing your company’s style guide!

Great web development produces AWESOME websites - If you want visitors to engage with your website, learn about your brand, and become loyal customers, first you have to capture their attention! This is one of our favorite things about web design—we get to exercise our creative muscles every day to come up with ideas your customers will love looking at! Creating videos, animations, and slide shows that show off your business and communicate your message is what we do best! We also offer in-house photography services so your products and facilities can look their very best on your website. Need examples of past jobs to WOW potential clients? We can capture images that show off your hard work and design web pages that showcase them!

Great websites work on any device - These days, just about everyone has a smart phone. We use our cell phones, tablets, laptops, and even video game consoles to access the internet and shop, browse, learn, and connect to others. This means your website needs to look perfect no matter what device your viewing it from. Web design that works on every device is called responsive design, and it’s in every part of every websites we build.

Great websites turn visitors into customers - If your website is just a place for people to read about your business, it’s not working hard enough. Websites we build give visitors the opportunity to engage with your business. Sometimes that engagement means joining your mailing list or calling your business just by clicking a link on their smart phone. Sometimes it means a beautiful e-commerce site so customers can purchase your products right from your web page! Our shopping cart applications are functional, beautiful, and have the security features your customers need and rely on.

Once you have a beautiful website that represents your unique brand, it’s time to put it to work! We can help make that happen, with search engine optimization, citation building, and social media solutions that bring customers to you!