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Citation Building Services

Citation Building can be exhausting work because there are thousands of business directories on the internet. But, listing your business in them can be a huge boost to your local SEO efforts. Your business is probably already in several directories, but your listings might be incorrect or incomplete. Each time the name, address, and phone number (NAP) of your business is listed online, search engines consider it a “citation” or mention of your business on the internet. The more citations you have, the more legitimate the search engines consider your business to be (this is a very good thing!). Here’s what you need to know about citation building!

NAP consistency is critical!- Correct citations are helpful to local SEO, but inconsistent citations can really hurt you! There are many ways for inconsistent listing information to find its way into directories. If your business has ever changed locations, or if another business has occupied your location; if your business operates under multiple names; or if you have multiple phone numbers, you can easily find yourself dealing with NAP inconsistency. Cleaning up inconsistent listings can be a complicated process! Lucky for you, we are experts at it!

You deserve to have control of your business listings!- Many directories buy business information from other directories or from data aggregators, so your listings can end up in directories without your knowledge. Some directories allow just about anyone to add business listings without verification. We believe that your business information is a powerful tool for search marketing, and you should be the one who controls it. That’s why we always claim control of your listings and guide you through the verification process so nobody can alter your listings without your knowledge.

Citation quality matters!-There are five main data aggregators and thousands of individual directories online, and many of them share information. Listing your business in every individual directory would be an enormous waste of resources, so you need a strategy for your citation project! We understand how directories are connected to one another, so we know which listings can have the biggest impact. We understand that your resources are precious, so we always get our clients the biggest boost for their citation building efforts!

Citation building is just one part of a complete web marketing strategy. Want to know more? Check out our search engine optimization, social media marketing, and SMS Marketing Services!