Branding Services

Does your company’s branding make you irresistible to the kinds of customers you want?

There is a reason your customers love working with you. Your values, your experience, your company culture, and your enthusiasm for the products you offer are the greatest assets your business owns. A great branding strategy takes all of those assets and broadcasts them to the world! At NowSoft, we love getting to know our clients and learning what makes them the best at what they do! That’s why we are so good at creating websites and marketing materials that don’t just look good; they also capture the “essence” of your business!

Most of our projects start with branding consultations and style guide creation, because we believe that a focused branding strategy is the foundation for beautiful websites and compelling marketing.

                                                                                               OUR PROCESS  

1. Let’s play Twenty-Questions!- We want to get to know your business! The more we understand about you, the better our ideas will be. So we have developed a list of twenty questions that help us understand your goals and strengths, and any things you feel people misunderstand about your business. This is also the time to really think about your ideal customers. These are the customers you love working with, and the ones who love buying from you. The more we understand your target market, the more we can tailor your brand to them! 
2. Turning vision into visuals- Once we understand your business, we get to work on your company’s style guide. Think of a style guide like a rule book; it contains all the visual elements of your brand (fonts, colors, everything.) and describes exactly how they should be used. Your brand is one of your most valuable assets! A style guide helps protect that asset, by clarifying how it should be presented.
3. Review and reflect- We want to make sure we get your company’s brand just right, so we usually give you a few options to choose from. We’ll send you a mockup of the style guide, so you can take your time reflecting on it. We love talking through the choices we’ve made with you, and the more input you have, the better!
4. Style guide delivery- Your style guide will be professionally printed and presented to you in a binder. This document is yours to keep and use however you want. We use our client’s style guides to design their websites, online advertisements, blogs, and social media profiles. If your business is ever ordering business cards, print ads, brochures, signage, or packaging material, a style guide will make sure that every design promotes your unique brand! A style guide is the first step to a powerful marketing strategy! Want to know more about what comes next? Check out our web design and social media marketing services!