NowSoft Solutions


Big results come in small packages! When you hire NowSoft to help you with your web presence, you will be working directly with Dennis and Kate. Call us control freaks, but we want to make sure your business gets the attention it deserves!  

Dennis Lang



Dennis is the founder of NowSoft Solutions. He has been working in the field of technology for more than twenty years, so he has watched the way technology has changed the way businesses gets work done. As a kid, Dennis drove his mother crazy taking apart anything mechanical to see how it worked, and he is still a curious guy! He is constantly learning something new as technology grows , which is just the way he likes it. His favorite thing about web development is that he never gets bored, because no two sites are ever the same.
As a small business owner for more than twenty years, Dennis understands the unique struggles of those who turn their passion into their livelihood. He may understand the newest technologies, but he does business the old fashioned way. Dennis is the kind of guy who not only remembers his clients names, but he also tries to understand their business. For him, business is about the relationships with his customers he works so hard to build.

When Dennis isn’t building websites, you can usually find him with his beautiful wife, Shellee, exploring the back roads of North Florida on his motorcycle or setting off on an impromptu road trip adventure.

Kate Feith



Somewhere, there is a grainy video of eight-year-old Kate bossing her younger siblings through a musical “show” they were performing for their parents. Then and now, she is a girl with strong creative opinions! These days, Kate puts that vision and attention to detail to work for her clients. She loves creating visual brands that capture the unique vision and values her clients bring to the table.

Kate started her career as an administrator and project manager in the construction industry, so she understands that branding, web development, and social media management aren’t always a top priority for some kinds of businesses. Her specialty is helping brick-and-mortar businesses use technology in ways that make sense for them. She believes that every business has a brand, and that your brand can be your greatest underused tool!

Even though Kate has grown up with the internet at her fingertips, her hobbies are decidedly old-fashioned. She knits, she bakes, and she’s constantly in the middle of some project she found on Pinterest. You can usually find her making something pretty, eating gluten-free pizza, or harassing her Chihuahua, Jacques.